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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  September 7, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PDT

1:00 am we're back next sunday at 11:00 and at 5:00 eastern with the latest buzz. a major shakeup in the race for the democratic presidential nomination. i'm molly line. this is the fox report. we'll have more on the latest polling numbers in a moment. first the growing crisis overseas. a staggering number of people trying to escape violence and poverty by making their way to europe. presidential candidates and lawmakers are weighing in amid calls for the united states to do more to help. this weekend, some 11,000 migrants, mostly from syria arrived by car, bus and train in germany. it's expected that 800,000 could apply for a sialmost.
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thousands for more pouring into greece. officials are having trouble processing them. things could get more complicated. austrian officials say they plan to phase out special measures that have allowed migrants to travel freely from hungary to western europe. the u.s. has a cap in place on how many migrants the country will take in. here is carly fiorina discussing the american aid for the crisis. >> the united states, i believe, has done its fair share in terms of humanitarian aid. i think the united states honestly, sadly, cannot relax our entrance criteria. we have having to be very careful about who we let enter this country from these regions to insure that terrorists are not coming here. i think the europeans need to continue to step up here. >> elizabeth prance has more on this developing story. >> hi, molly.
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countries such as germany, austria and greece are answering the calls of the helpless as they work to accommodate thousands of displaced migrants. police had to shut down major highways. germany who had initially expected less than 10,000 new arrivals is working to distribute them across the country, seen as the number in the situation is very fluid. and growing. german chancellor angela merk merkel's coalition is meeting. officials on the ground say the waves of show no signs of slowing. >> translator: we had 6,000 refugees at the station. since midnight another 1,200 have arrived. we are counting on the same amount of people arriving during the day today. >> pope francis appealing to the masses as he pleaded for catholic churches across europe to offer relief and shelter to those who have been displaced.
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begging his followers to show mercy to the thousands of syrians fleeing. >> translator: faced with the tragedy of tens of thousands of refugees who are fleeing death and war and hunger and who are on the road for a hope of better life. the gospel asks us to show mercy and gave them home. >> saudi arabia, kuwait, and berain have offered zero resettlement places to refugees. now to that new polling suggesting a major shakeup in the polls for the democratic race. a new poll finding bernie sanders leads hillary clinton in new hampshire. that lead is larger when joe biden is not factored into the equation. the vp has yet to announce he's running for the white house. on the republican side, donald trump strengthening his lead
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over the competition in new hampshire and iowa. the lineup for the top three contenders in both states, very different compared to just a few months ago. early leaders, jeb bush and scott walker have tumbled to single digit support. kristin fisher is live in washington. how big of a deal are these polls? >> you have to keep in mind, this is just one poll. it really hammers home what other polls have been showing. bernie sanders is no longer a candidate that clinton can ignore. a few months ago silenten wwas . she has been slipping in the polls. according to this new poll, sanders is beating her in new hampshire by nine points. sanders gets 41% p clinton 32%, joe biden, 11% and we don't know if he's running. if joe biden decided not to run, sanders does better. sanders is within striking
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distance in iowa. a sanders campaign spokesman said, quote, these new polls confirm that the more voters get to know bernie the better they like him. yesterday clinton acknowledged her competition but didn't mention bernie sanders by name. >> i thought this was going to be a competitive primary. i welcome that. it's a contest of ideas and policies and how we present ourselves to the american people. >> it's safe to say this is starting to look like a real race on the democratic side. >> it's been a race on the republican side. where do those candidates stand now? >> no surprise here, donald trump is still dominating in both iowa and new hampshire. in iowa you can see he's sitting pretty with 29%. the big story here is what's happened to the early front runner. jeb bush and scott walker are now in single digits. in fact, walker has dropped a whopping 14 points since july. but today, he tried to downplay
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it at a campaign stop in new hampshire. >> a long ways out. the people who are leading the pack in the past four and eight years ago weren't leading the pack when it came time for the votes in new hampshire and iowa. i'm confident we stay true to who we are we will ultimately win. >> he has a point. it is still early. the caucus isn't until february. these polls show you what a difference a few months can make when you're running for president in this race. >> there is a ways to go. thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> you got if. former secretary of state collin powell served as the secretary of state for president george w bush and appears on meet the press where he called various components of the iran deal remarkable. >> i studied very carefully the outline of the deal and what's in that deal. i have carefully looked at the opzig opposition to the deal. my judgment after balancing those two sets of information is that's it's a pretty good deal.
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one of the great concerns that the opposition has, that we're leading open a lane for the iranians to go back to creating a nuclear weapon in 10 or 15 years. we're forgetting the reality that they have been on a superhighway for the last ten years to create a nuclear weapon or nuclear weapons program with no speed limit. >> he says yes, inspectors must verify. iran is following the agreement. but assured skeptics safety measures are in place. republicans in congress are unanimous against the deal. lawmakers i set to return to the hill this week. we'll have more on that and all of the day's political headlines just ahead. now, gas prices. falling to the lowest level in more than a decade this labor day weekend. right now, the national average for a gallon of regular unled is about $2.40. a boost in supply is helping to drive the prices down.
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some predict it could drop to $2. joining me now is the anchor of bulls and bears. brenda gas prices at their lowest in 11 years. the economy not growing so great right now. does the extra spending help the economy in a sense? >> this drop in gas prices is essentially like getting a raise. to the tune of about $750 per average household. that's $100 billion across the country. so why with consumer spending 70% of economic growth isn't economic growth better than what it is, which is tepid. basically, consumers are saving. they're worried about the economy. when they're not saving and spending, they're not splurging. they're spending on necessities, such as housing and medical care which has gone up. the one exception, driving vacations on this holiday weekend. so auto sales, restaurants,
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hotels, they are all seeing some increase. but it takes some time for consumer spending to change. their habits to change. gas prices are expected to go lower. this could change as well. >> we don't talk about it, but is there a down side to the gas prices? >> yes, there absolutely is. there are winners and users and no area of the u.s. economy has been harder hit than the oil and natural gas industry. we have seen last month alone we see the latest jobs report. we saw that sector lost jobs when the overall economy gained 173,000 jobs. communities such as odessa, texas, north dakota, casper, wyoming, midland, texas, tulsa, oklahoma, they're getting hard hit. their unemployment rates are raising. we expect this to continue. there are pockets of the economy that are getting hard hit. >> there are a lot of folks out there that hit the road for the weekend. thank you so much for the
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update. >> thank you. all right. right now, outrage over a sticker on police cars, believe it or not. it reads in god we trust. you can find them on cruisers in several states. ahead, the controversial that could change that. and surf's up, way up. california beach goers are warned to expect high waves this weekend. that's next. >> i usually go
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this holiday weekend a warning to swimmers and surfers in california. the national weather service tells us a storm off of new zealand is generated waves on our side of the pacific. some could be seven feet high. a temping draw for the surfers and a scenario for potential tragedy. will carr joins us.
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you got a good gig out there. what are the conditions like right now? >> that's right. it's definitely beautiful out here. a lot of people enjoying their labor day weekend. but, there have been some dangerous conditions. we've seen some of the waves get bigger and bigger throughout the course of the day. life guards are out here trying to do everything they can to keep people safe. they're really on high alert, especially after a man died not far from here on thursday. the rip tide pulled him. by the time life guards got there, it was too late. to our south, a man was rescued in redondo beach by some good samaritans yesterday after he was swept away while trying to get his kite out of the water close to us today in catalina island, the coast guard is looking for a missing person after a boat crashed. the national weather service has issued an alert about strong rip tides saying there could be waves up to seven feet and a warning for sneaker waves that
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are larger than seven feet and come without warning. there was a shark bite near malibu yesterday. a hammer head bit a kayaker on the foot. that comes after another hammer head spotting last week. they're not popular in this area. >> i can see some of the little kids close to the thoshore. are still people going out in the water? >> they definitely are. we've seen surfers throughout the course of the day. within the last couple of days they've pulled back because of the rip tide. we spoke to one experienced surfer and asked him what he does to stay safe. >> be careful. ask the life guards about the ocean. and don't go too far. that's the thing. i think if you are water to the waist, you're safe.
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if you go further than that it might be tricky. >> go out in pairs, you want to make sure you swim close to a life guard tower out here as well. we spoke to one other surfer, very experienced who is from hawaii. take a listen to what he had to say. >> the main thing is if i'm in doubt, i don't go out. close to shore there is no reef. don't fall on my head. and just it's all in god's hands. >> i can back that up. i surf out here. when you're out on the water, you're at mother nature's mercy. the best idea is be safe and have a great labor day weekend. >> it looks like you're doing serious research out there. thank you so much. all right. a police department in the texas pan handle is under fire for the new decals that are on the patrol cars. the department displaying the phrase, in god we trust, in response to recent violence against law enforcement officers. this picture from virginia showing a similar decal.
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a national watchdog group wants them removed from the police vehicles. arguing that the decals are an unlawful endorsement of religion. the liberty institute in texas disagrees saying the phrase is a patriotic nod to america's history. two high school football players appearing to target a referee on the field, and it was caught on video. this in san antonio, texas, you can see one of the players plowing into the back of the referee, another player that appears to dive held ft first on to the official as he's lying on the ground. it reportedly happened after two other players from that team were ejected on separate plays. it doesn't stops there. the district is investigating and holding a hearing to decide the next steps. the referee is reportedly very upset and wants to press charges. students across the country return to the classroom from summer vacation. are they getting the education
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they need to succeed? the test results are in. and they're not looking good. plus. >> seeing a lot of our veterans come home and they don't feel they've been appreciated what they've done for the country. we need to show more support. >> hundreds of bikers with a mission. they're showing their support to
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millions of american school kids return to the classroom in the coming days along with concerns among parents and teachers. al the latest numbers from the college board reveal the s.a.t. scores have sunk to their lowest level in ten years. lauren green has more. why the drop in the scores? >> experts have their theories,
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of course. nothing for certain. poverty, language barriers, more kids taking the test and skewing the results lower. the s.a.t. measure of college readiness, math reading and writing, the basics. despite increases in education spending, the scores have been steadily dropping. according to the college board, the average score for the class of 2015 was 1490 out of a possible 2,400. that's down seven points from the previous year. the lowest in a decade. the board saying this is a call to action to do something different to propel more students to readiness. other experts agree saying more charges are needed in the high school level. >> most of the big reform efforts in america today have focused on the younger grades. all of the testing, the higher standards, as well as more school choice, charter schools. most of that has been at the elementary school and middle school level. a lot of places in this country, the high schools haven't changed since many of us went to high
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school. >> stating local governments, pour billions of dollars into education. 28% of total expenditures, the s.a.t. scores at least show they may not be getting their money's worth. >> i'm sure there are a lot of people trying to solve the problem. what's the solutions? >> one of the criticisms of standardized tests is the s.a.t. don't measure the student's potential. >> the s.a.t. is not designed to track national achievement. it also isn't crafted in such a way that we can make causal inferences. so when s.a.t. schools wiggle. these are tiny wiggles in the score, we don't know why they occur. >> the department of education, though, is looking at the positives. they're pointing to the highest graduation rate ever, 81%. now the college board is redesigning the s.a.t.'s for the class of 2016. focusing on what research and evidence show matters most for college success. molly? >> thank you.
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hundreds of motorcyclists this weekend finishing a 14,000 mile 100 day journey across the country to raise money for wounded veterans. all right. crowds gathered in beaver dam, wisconsin to cheer on the 500 bikers who travelled through 48 states under the american flag. >> i'm of the generation that went through where we kind of lost that. and now we're back to it and it makes me very proud to be in a country that supports their troops. >> last year's tour raised $100,000 for wounded veterans and their families. this year, their goal was to double that figure. and summer may be nearing an end, a popular tourist attraction is only now reaching full bloom in our nation's hardland. they don't call kansas the sun flower state for nothing. you're looking at a sea of one million sun flowers near the town of lawrence. the farmer who planted this crop has been raising sunflowers for
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three decades. he welcomes everyone to bask there in his field. last year he said more than 10,000 visits came to enjoy his labor of love. let's do fox fast forward looking ahead to some of the big stories coming up this week. tomorrow, labor day, and the unofficial end of summer means a day off for most federal and state agencies, including postal workers. jittery investors will get an extra day to relax after an volatile week on wall street. ups and major banks will be closed. tuesday steven colbert makes his debut. he will have george clooney and jeb bush. wednesday, apple hosts its latest product launch event. tech watchers say the company could unveil the new iphone 6, as well as the latest version of
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the popular apple tv which will include a not so popular feature, a price hike. senator bernie sanders mounts a nine point lead over hillary clinton in one of the early voting states. it's a potentially huge shake up. what does it mean for the primary races? the fox news political insiders are here. you can chime in when you tune in. tweet your
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i'm molly line, and this is the fox report. senator bernie sanders now the democratic front runner in new hampshire. and the latest nbc poll, 41% of voters favor him for the party's presidential nomination. hillary clinton has 32%. and vice president joe biden has 16. the political insiders are here. you can join the conversation on our twitter pages, #foxreport. john, former republican congressman from new york, a former pallster for president jimmy carter and a former pollster for bill clinton. thar thanks for joining me. let's kick it off with bernie sanders who is pulling ahead. this is new hampshire. these are people who care about their politics. they attention. they're informed. at this point in time, should the clinton campaign be concerned about what's happening? >> in a word. yes. i've worked with the clintons, i worked with bill clinton for six years. and let's be candid, hillary is
1:31 am
nine points behind in new hampshire. >> 11 without biden. >> 11 without biden. in iowa, she is down 38% in a three way race. sanders is at, what, 27% or there about? it's a 20 point shift and biden is a 20. molly, these numbers are perilous for the former secretary of state. there was an article today in the "new york times" saying that her firewall is the south, she's got to get past these two primaries. but, she's got to get past them. if she gets beaten decisively as could happen, it could be a complete change. >> it could be worth noting she won in 2008 there. eked out a win over then president obama. it's been thought the clintons have a strong organization there. it's always been thought. >> remember they were going to
1:32 am
take iowa and new hampshire. she won new hampshire because obama had won iowa. i'm going to tell you something, she loses these two, all of this talking of blowing past themselves, the grave ward, the notion of we'll we'll win it in super tuesday, we'll shut it down. they are playing by rules that no longer exist. >> what do you think about this, the idea that the clinton campaign may have a southern strategy and focusing on the later contests? >> historically, i agree. if she loses iowa and new hampshire, she's not making it. i don't think she's making it anyway. she has the stench, her campaign does, of a slow political death going on. bit by bit by bit. pat, every week has been bringing up the numbers. the metastasizing cancer in her base, which is part of the reason, not all of it that bernie is doing well, but the passion in that party, mirrors the passion in the republican party for someone new. they don't want the clintons and bushes anymore.
1:33 am
>> look, those numbers with her losing to trump, in several of the national polls, and biden doing better -- i'm telling you, these are going to get worse. >> speaking of republicans, we have another poll, about iowa and what the potential gop caucus goers are thinking. donald trump, bush, carly fiorina, they fall into the single digits. >> that was what i was going to speak to. trump, plus carson is 51%. fiorina, that's 56%. jeb bush is at 6%. i don't want to underscore that for the viewers. 6%. scott walker who was the front runner a couple months ago, 5%. there is a loud message here. something that pat and john have been underscoring. but, the republican electorate is very angry.
1:34 am
they want fresh faces. they're voting assertively with people with no experience. they're saying to those who have been governors of states, no, we don't want what you're offering. >> is this the year of the political outsider? >> not only -- this is the year of political revolution. by the way, all the pundits, in washington, who have no clue what's -- they're in a panning. no clue what's going on. they said when donald trump gets down to one opponent. somebody one of the polls here tested bush against trump alone. trump beat him by 19 points. he was beating everybody else except i think cruz by 20 and then he was losing by the way, to carson. but, none of the insiders, all the people with the political consultants running the typical political consultant campaigns, it's what happened to walker who started off with support because he was the outsider in wisconsin. has made himself an insider. look where he's gone. rubio, it's unbelievable. >> how about this number that pat keeps bringing up when we
1:35 am
meet, that when asked which do you want, someone who has had government experience who could fix the problem or someone with no government experience who has never been in there, 67% want someone who has never been in versus someone who might know what's going on. >> this is a reverse of everything i've seen in polling for 40 years about the presid t presiden presidency. it's not what "the new york times" reporters and others would like to say, and very conservative intellectuals, they're just the nativists, the crazies. no, it's the entire republican party is in revolt. and then they bolt. >> as is the democratic party. the sanders vote is a large scale repudiation of politics as usual and to a very large extent, hillary clinton. people want a different kind of change. republicans are more small government. and the democratic side, it's redistribution. what organizes the populist
1:36 am
revolt is a revulsion with washington. a revulsion with politics as usual. and in a sense we need to clean house. >> it's bigger. it's a revulsion with the leadership class in america. >> yes, corruption. >> corruption and wall street, business, academia, healthcare, the church, all of it. that the people are so sick. it explains trump. they see trump as the sheriff who you can't buy off. >> it would be incredible if either party took a nominee that was an actual political outsider. that would be amazing. >> if trump ended up being the nominee, what a statement about our politics of our time. and let me just say this, one of the things that -- >> hasn't been seen for many decades. >> we haven't seen this for decades. what we have here, 307,000 veterans died waiting to get into the va system this week. a system that's totally broken.
1:37 am
>> so many problems people want to see a new approach. >> that's a moral issue. this is beyond the grasp of beltway politicians who defend and the media with them down there -- >> we have another moral issue we'll be talking about in the next block. the european leaders in crisis mode and the u.s. leaders responding to calls for actual help. >> as tragedy as this event is, and it is, maybe this is an opportunity for the united states and the western world to work together to solve what is an unbelievable crisis. >> this as tens of thousands of migrants are fleeing poverty and war across the borders. remember we love it when you remember we love it when you chime so, i tried depend last weekend. it really made the difference between a morning around the house and getting a little exercise. and i tried a baking class. one weekend can make all the difference.
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european leaders responding to the migrant crisis.
1:41 am
angela merkel holding talks as more migrants cross borders. some international leaders calling on the u.s. to do more. our panel is back. thanks so much for being here h guys. syria is a failed state. isis has moved in. does the united states have a moral obligation to get involved and accept some of the people? >> of course it does. it has an obligation to accept some, but also to rally the europeans to on a coordinated and concerted basis accept the migrants. let's face facts. isis has won. this migration crisis is because they've won. we have been silent as a nation. there's been no call for us to get involved. you have seen a few politicians say we might help. you know what? we have a responsibility to deal with this. the big winner in something like this, vladmir putin. because he has been trying to divide the europeans.
1:42 am
they are now divided over this crisis. and just this week, the russians and chinese were within 12 miles of alaska on military operations. and the president of the united states was on a nature hike. >> very sad to think some of the political leaders around the world could be benefitting from this down the road. >> not even down the road, right now. >> taking advantage of the situation. some of these refugees are also minority christian minorities. >> a lot of them are christians who are being massacred everywhere. we have a problem, frankly, because of our potential terrorist -- we should be taking all the christians that our president and our country have turned their back on as they're being slaughtered. >> people have a responsibility to make sure there isn't whole sale slaughter and death. >> for those -- >> some of the republican candidates, particularly weighing in carly fiorina had said we should not just open our
1:43 am
doors any wider. she has concerns about terrorism, what do you think about that? >> that's graeat. what i haven't heard is an overarching foreign policy that makes sense. the one we have under obama is a failure. what is the alternative from the republicans? doug mentioned putin. while putin was doing these exercises, he militarized part of the arctic circle. he is in the syrian war and building a base there. unreported lately is the russians have moved back into egypt diplomatically. they are moving into the vacuum that obama has created all over the military -- >> it shows our incompetence. let me just say something, we wouldn't have all these migrants if we had done something in syria. >> yeah. >> if we had not blown it a long time ago. these people wouldn't be having
1:44 am
to do this. >> migrants from libya, which is hillary's folly. she took down the government. >> shifting to iran, democrats are hustling on this. they're trying to get the votes they need hoping to avoid having to use the presidential -- hoping to avoid using his veto, the president hoping to avoid using the veto in the votes that's coming up. you have insight to what the american people are thinking? >> let me just say, it's an interesting thing, that people wouldn't care. they are overwhelmingly concerned and have gotten more and more against the treaty. we find it's basically -- and they want to vote. they don't want it delayed. it's almost three to one. >> they won't want a filibuster. >> that's what harry reid is offering. we have the votes to kill the filibuster. they're going to get a good dose of the american people will, in the debate.
1:45 am
let me tell you a couple of other numbers, you have 88% of the people who do not want their senators and congressmen to vote for a deal that allows iran to self-inspect which is what they're doing. debra wassermann schultz was on today, the dnc chair weeping about israel and how much she loved announcing her support. what they're doing is they're doing their party's business and not the people's business. one of the things we tested in this poll on a number of ways was will you ever vote for people if they vote to have a filibuster to oppose this? you know, we're deal ing with numbers i've never seen. >> one of the top democrats published an up ed, senator bed carden about why he will be voting against it. >> he said something that bears repeating. he said, on issues like iran, you have to put party loyalty, the president of the united states, and the administration,
1:46 am
aside and do what's right for the country. and what has happened in our politics, and certainly on this vote, this has become a test of loyalty to the administration rather than right and wrong. we're totally polarized. we're divided and we're suffering as a result. >> here's what i don't get. you two guys are or were democrats -- >> we still are. >> i don't understand democrats. because obama lost the house and the senate. by getting these guys and gals to go right over the cliff for him on obamacare. and now comes this thing with numbers that are more anti-this deal than obamacare ever was. >> there's a simple answer, the answer is obama's name isn't going to be on the ballot ever again. >> yeah. >> they're record they'll have a recorded vote they voted for the iran deal. >> and i'll tell you foreign policy and filibuster to avoid -- >> let me tell you something, they do that, it is suicide. one of the things that's interesting is the american people have sorted out the bs.
1:47 am
and they see these games going on. they want to vote, vote against. they do not -- not tolerate a filibuster. if the president -- if they do this for the president -- >> it's so cynical -- >> they are going to pay the price. >> one quick point the administration is thrown in with iran. they're betting the president's strategy is doing a deal with iran will lead to a relationship to make peace in the middle east. it's a dangerous delusion that could result in a war. >> 17% of the people think this deal will help us make friends with iran. 70% say oh, my god it's going to make it a more dangerous opponent. >> it will be an interesting week in washington. the clinton campaign is trying to move forward as investigators dig deer into her u.s. se of private e-mail. the insiders are coming back to weigh in on the latest revelations and what they could
1:48 am
test. test. test. test. test. oh, look. we have a bunch of...
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she's got a big problem. i think it gets worse for her every day she's not able to explain what happened. but her inability to be able to handle classified information according to the policies and potentially the laws of the nation, obviously call into question her fitness to be commander in chief. >> that was elizabeth cheney on hillary clinton's e-mail controversy. clinton says her use of a private e-mail server for state department business wasn't the best choice. the fox news political insiders are here. they're back. what do you think about what ms. cheney said just there? she's talking about competency, to a certain extent. >> i think it's vastly overstated. look, hillary was aloud understate department rules to have a private e-mail server.
1:52 am
there's not been any definitive showing yet that she knowingly mishandled classified information. there were questions within the state department as to how information she disseminated was -- >> please. >> i thought you use today work for the clintons, i didn't know you were still shilling for these people. >> so carefully worded there. as clinton has worded in the past as well it was marked classified. >> also, one final point, the e-mails that i saw, and there were about six thousand, 7,000, this week were mostly trivial e-mails that didn't raise to the level -- >> no secrets from korea. >> you're dying to jump in here. >> one thing, and pat is just thirsting at the bit. >> i need to calm myself down. >> i think we would admit that what hillary should have done is taken the cell phones and servers and given them to tom brady and he would have destroyed them and it would have
1:53 am
been gone for good. >> she could have learned a lot from him. >> this is a disaster upon disaster. we find -- remember what's happening here, you couldn't make this up y. couldn't do this when i worked in hollywood. we have the kwwoman that was handling at the irs getting rid of lois lerner's e-mails that disappeared. we have catherine duvall who has move today the state department where she's in charge of the bull crap we're getting on hillary. and by the way, the single greatest cover up since watergate is occurring at the state department. why? because guess who was running the state department? hillary clinton. and by the way, there are four e-mails that we know of because fox got them. that were marked classified going to her and they have been wiped clean. they're deliberate we can't give them to you. the fbi, she is going down on this. i'm going to say the interview crap this week -- i'm going to
1:54 am
shut up. >> she did an interview on friday and she said we had so many problems around the word i didn't stop to think about what kind of e-mail system it would be. she hired the it guy who is pleading the fifth. asserting his rights. is that something -- >> i think she was thinking. i think this was deliberately done to hide what they were doing for years on thecli clint foundation. that's what's being hidden here. >> this is a political witch-hunt. >> what did she do in the state department? >> it's a political witch-hunt. >> you would take the fifth amendment too. >> don't embarrass yourself with this defense of something that's indefensible. >> we have the guy who is taking the fifth who is being represented by one of the most expensive law firms which he can't afford. >> who is paying for it? >> hillary's form. >> kendall is --
1:55 am
>> one last comment -- >> hillary is paying -- >> i want an interview with hillary clinton with a man. i am tired of these in the bag interviews with women who have been her friends. >> we're going to have to -- >> it doesn't matter the gender to me. >> pleading the fifth -- >> you guys are fired up on this. hang
1:56 am
1:57 am
the political insiders are back. guys this is our final thoughts for the night. >> i must tell you, i think there is a moral crisis of leadership requiring us to stand up and people regardless of race, religion, creed, or gender. given the migration crisis. and pat and john, with all due respect i disagree with you. i think hillary is not really been shown to have violentated rules. she should do interviews. >> we're covering some ground. >> i want to say this, i don't want to disparage anyone. i believe -- many people do, it's time for a woman, i have an answer for you. how about an honest woman? carly fiorina, at least honest -- >> >> next week, in ten days, we're going to have the cnn debates.
1:58 am
one of the candidates is going to have to bring something unexpected into the debate to back up their numbers. >> mitt romney is getting ready to come in. he's in the bull pen. >> we will have a third party president. >> this is from paul o'brien, too bad the candidates for president don't pay attention to the political insiders. you guys, if they did, we would all be better off. compliment headed your way. >> noted. >> thank you, gentlemen. thank you for being here tonight. i'm molly line. thank you for watching. have a happy labor day and a great week. it is monday, september 7th. a fox news alert. they never saw it coming. officers waiting at a red light ambushed by a gunman. the breaking details straight ahead. feeling the burn?
1:59 am
hillary clinton losing ground to bernie sanders in a big way. we're live in washington with the brand-new numbers and what they mean for the clinton camp. and riptide warnings this holiday weekend. would you know what to do if you got caught in a rip current? how to survive. "fox & friends first" starts right now. ♪ ♪ you make my dreams come true ♪ little hall & oates, inducted into the hall of fame, rock and roll hall of fame last year. great group. good morning it you. you're watching "fox & friends first" on this labor day. >> thank you so much for starting your day and week with us. let's get right to that fox news alert, though. they never saw it coming. a gunman ambushing two las vegas
2:00 am
police officers as they were sitting in their patrol car at a red light. >> the shooter firing three shots, hitting one officer in the hand before running off. the other officer chased him until the man eventually surrendered. in the past two months, four las vegas officers have been shot around duty prompting officials to require two officers in each patrol car. >> fortunately that was the case. and we had two officers riding together. we were able to subdue this suspect. >> the motive, not yet known. >> today, thousands of fellow police officers, family and friends will say their final good-byes to lieutenant joseph gliniewicz, the 52-year-old father of four was gunned down last week on patrol in fox lake, illinois. this morning, his three murderers are on the run. police are looking at surveillance video from areas around the crime scene for clues. there is a $50,000 reward for information leading to the re


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